Mexico | 2014
04a�� 55a��a�� | 16mm/HD | B&W | Stereo
Screening: HD

ABC is an attempt to transform the cinematic experience into a filmic death, a filmic execution. The audiovisual experience of the current Mexican civil war.

Colectivo Los IngrA?vidos

(Davani Varillas, Guenia Varillas, Rosario Gonzales, Marina Herrera, Rodrigo CerbA?n, CristA?bal SerrA?, Antonio JimA�nez, A?ngel Linares, Oswaldo Varillas).

The Colectivo Los IngrA?vidos came about from the need to break up the audiovisual grammar that the aesthetic-televisual corporate spirit has used and still uses to effectively guarantee the diffusion of an audiovisual ideology through which a continuous social and perceptive control is maintained on most of the population.

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