COREA - Still1

Argentina | 2012-2013
23a�� 25a��a�� | HD | Color | Stereo
Screening: HD

What happens when an eastern community from one side of the world, emigrates and settles in the west? Over time, I am getting to know the Korean community. I observe, film, interview and take photos of them, I buy from their shops, visit their churches, eat at their restaurants, and build strong ties. But I also encounter difficulties, a different culture, a language I cannot understand, fears that I cannot placate and, sometimes, a lack of interest. Because of this, and merck-medco mail order pharmacy. due to a connection between my personal history and immigration, I made Korea. The East in the West. The West in the East.

Melina Serber

Born in Buenos Aires in 1986, and graduated in Image and Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She teaches History of Argentine and Latin American film (UBA). She works as a production and direction assistant on various audiovisual projects. She wrote, produced and directed this documentary, which has participated in various festivals.