Premio Norberto Griffa a la Creación Audiovisual Latinoamericana

The Premio Norberto griffa a la creación audiovisual latinoamericana is one of the main activities at BIM. the call for works, then shaping the works into a selection and programs means outlining an aesthetic scenario of audiovisual arts in latin america today. It is an action that leads us to reflect on the content of the exhibition and its subsequent discourses, as well as the symbolic place where this prize is situated. a corpus of works is formed in which we search for answers to questions that arise in a constant reality at leading international experimental cinema and video exhibition spaces, where latin american works are hardly ever present. With this prize we seek to create a different context; it is an aesthetic policy that arises from what latin american creators put forward. consequently, non-hierarchical dialogues are generated between central and peripheral countries with the intention of producing symbolic, historic and conceptual shifts and redefinitions of audiovisual arts.

Obras premiadas 2014