El Claro / The Clearing

Hamaca paraguaya / Paraguayan Hammock

Paraguay | 2000
8a�� | Video | Color | Stereo
Screening: Digital video file

A peasant couple, RamA?n and CA?ndida, await a son who never comes.

RA�o Paraguay (3 movimientos) / River Paraguay (3 movements)

Paraguay | 2010
12a�� | Video | Color | Stereo
Screening: Digital video file

As children, we were always taught that water was life. We grew up, and we discovered that it also contained death. Reaching life, despite death, is the dreama��

Supe que estabas triste / I Heard You Were Sad

Argentine – Paraguay | 2000
3a�� | 35mm | Color | Stereo
Screening: Digital video file

A man remembers a conversation with his father.

Viento sur / Southern Wind

Paraguay – Portugal | 2011
20a�� | SA?per 8 | Color | Stereo
Screening: Digital video file

Justino and Domingo, fishermen and brothers, have to decide where they will face the dictatorship. To cipro genric india. cross the river or not. To go or to stay. Together or aparta��

Paz Encina

Born in AsunciA?n, Paraguay, in 1971. She studied Cinematography at the Universidad del Cine, graduating in 2001. She has created award-winning video installations and film and video shorts. Between 2002 and 2004 she taught at various universities. In 2006 she released her first feature film Paraguayan Hammock, winning various awards, such as the Fipresci at Cannes 2006, and the Luis BuA�uel Prize for the best Ibero-American film. In 2011, commissioned by Canal Encuentro, she made the short films River Paraguay/3 Movements and for the Gulbenkian Foundation she made the award-winning short Southern Wind. In December 2012 she exhibited the installation Memory Notes for the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the Archive of Terror. She is currently working on her next feature film, Memory Exercises