No Rules To Break. Swiss Experimental Cinema / Selected Classics

HHK Schoenherr

a�?Hinweisaktionen / Note Actions

Switzerland | 1970
4a�� | 16 mm | B&W | Silent (with German captions)
Screening: Digital video file

Congregation in Oberhausen, in which a series of actions are carried out, always with the celluloid as omnipresent subject.

Renzo Schraner


Switzerland | 1967
14a�� | 16 mm | Color | Magnetic sound
Screening: 16mm

Allah is a collage of platitudes about everyday life, aggressive and very rich in terms of form. Edited by Renzo Schrader as a personal rebellion, this film shows the meeting between Kennedy and the Pope. The ascension to heaven, or rather in the orbit and return to Earth. With humour and coherence, the author produces a biting critique of 1960sa�� consumer society.

Sebastian C. Schroeder

Status Symbol

Switzerland | 1970
2a�� | 16 mm | Color | Magnetic sound
Screening: 16mm

The car wash installation as aesthetic spectacle, which provides the automobile with one moment of the unreal. A note on a taunted status symbol.

Hans-Jakob Siber

Jalousie / Window Blind

Switzerland | 1967
10a�� | 16 mm | Color | Magnetic sound
Screening: 16mm

A piece made entirely without a camera, with abstract elements with an opaque base, accompanied rhythmically by the frenzied music of Mani Neumeier, marking visual intensity and pure synchrony. Image and sound gallop as one.

Werner von Mutzenbecher

1/68 Dinge / 1/68 Things

Switzerland | 1968
8a�� | 16 mm | B&W | Silent
Screening: 16mm

Streets, houses, structures (pavement, grates, pieces of architecture, windows etc.) – interiors, doors, windows, stairs, corners, objects, fragments of faces, hand, close-ups, etc. – a film about objects (cups, dolls, taps, tubes of paint, etc.)

Issa Hesse-Rabinovitch

Spiegelei / Fried

Switzerland | 1969
7a�� | 16 mm | Color – B&W | Magnetic sound
Screening: 16mm

Abstract play with naturalistic reflections in the lagoons of Venice and in Lake Zurich. No pictures of this film have been manipulated filmically. Guy Magey composed the musical score especially for this series of images. (Catalogue of the Swiss Film Center 1972)

Guido Haas


Switzerland | 1967
5a�� | 16 mm | Color | Sound
Screening: Digital video file

Abstract film of the music of an Indian esraj player. Filmed in coloured plates that spin with the help of a record player.

Peter Liechti

Senkrecht / Waagrecht | Vertical / Horizontal

Switzerland | 1985
5a�� | SA?per 8 (Blow Up 16 mm) | Color | Sound
Screening: Digital video file

Roman Signer’s art performances can be conceived as time and space modelling. Vertical/Horizontal develops this contrast with Voice Crack’s music in their first collaboration with Liechti.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss

Der lauf de dinge / The Way Things Go

Switzerland | 1987
30a�� | 16mm | Color | Sound
Screening: Digital video file

This experimental artistic set-up with very mundane everyday objects is a chain reaction, a controlled happening based on the laws of physics and chemistry, on the inevitability and chance inherent in a precarious situation that might also be termed an a�?order of fluctuations’. The camera itself, fascinated, observes an event a�?taking its course’ buy viagra without consultation. and documents a half-hour process with (practically) no edits. Fischli & Weissa��s piece was an audience favourite at the a�?Documenta 8′ in Kassel.

Antoni Pinent

Lleida, Spain. 1975) is a film curator, programmer, producer and experimental filmmaker whose work has been screened at film festivals, cinemateques and museums worldwide such as San Francisco MoMA (2012).
His previous films were GIOCONDA / FILM (1999), among others; and the Film quartet trilogy including FILM QUARTET / POLYFRAME (2006-2008), KINOSTURM KUBELKA / 16 variaciones & G/R/E/A/S/E (2008-2013).
He received the II Biennale Award from Museum of Contemporary Cinema (MoCC, New York-Paris-Madrid) in 2008.