No Rules To Break. Swiss Experimental Cinema / Section Contemporaries

Chris Niemeyer

30 Sekunden Schweiz / Switzerland in 30 seconds

Switzerland | 2005
1a�� | Digital | Color | Sound | Without dialogue
Screening: Digital video file

A hidden camera films cars driving past and adds up their astronomical value.

Bernhard Zitz

Der den Rasen mA�ht / Mowing the Lawn

Switzerland | 2009
12a�� | Super 8 TriX | B&W | Sound | Without dialogue
Screening: Digital video file

Spatial and architectural exploration made through syncopated editing of analytical work. Using the technical possibilities of Super 8mm cameras, this film captures an unusual architectural promenade through urban and natural landscapes.

Michael Frei

Plug & Play

Switzerland | 2013
6a�� | Digital | B&W | Sound | Animation
Screening: Archivo Digital

Anthropoid creatures with plugs in place of heads are up to mischief. Instead of giving in to the dictates of the raised finger, they soon submit to themselves. But the fingers also finger around. Is it love?

Gerd Gockell-Kirsten Winter

Restored Weekend

Switzerland | 2004
5a�� | 35 mm | Color | Music by Walter Ruttmann (from 1930) | Animation
Screening: Digital video file

A false discovery based on Walter Ruttmanna��s audio play a�?Weekenda�? from 1930 a�� the first ever abstract Sound Collage. Conceived originally as a sound collage with simultaneous projection of black film, in the a�?restoreda�? version the film documents the traces of time. The question whether Walter Ruttmann ever thought about adding images to his sound collage remains open.

Gerd Gockell

Optical Percussion

Switzerland – Germany | 2008
5a�� | 35 mm | Color | Sound (without dialogue) | Animation
Screening: Digital video file

The third part of a trilogy of fictitious reconstructions. In 1937 Oskar Fischinger and the then unknown John Cage met in Los Angeles to develop a film project with music composed by Cage. Because of an accident this project has never been realized, but Fischingera��s ideas about sound deeply influenced Cagea��s later work as a composer. Whether this reconstruction comes close to Fischinger’s and Cage’s intention remains open.

Gerd Gockell


Switzerland – Germany | 2014
3a�� | Digital | Color | Sound (without dialogue) | Animation
Screening: Digital video file

An experimental animated short film using abstract painting to explore the tension between abstraction and recognisability.

Claude Piguet-Annelore Schneider

The Course Of Things

Switzerland | 2012
10a�� | Digital | B&W | Sound (voiceover in English)
Screening: Digital video file

The video uses the language of films to manoeuvre and influence our interpretation of images and stories. To do so, the collectif_fact have recorded on a daily basis the visitors of the London Natural History Museum, turning them into actors. The museum is transformed into a stage and everyday life into a thriller, carried by the voice of the master in this field, Alfred Hitchcock.

Yuri A / R. Mond

27 years

Switzerland | 2008
2a�� | Beta SP | Color | Sound | Without dialogue | Animation
Screening: Digital video file

A person’s portraits taken every month at public photo machines during 27 years are animated into a film.

Rafael Sommerhalder

Ping Pong

Switzerland | 2013
30a��a�� | Digital | Color | Sound | Without dialogue
Screening: Digital video file

Ping Pong!



Switzerland | 2005
12a�� | Digital | B&W | Sound | Without dialogue
Screening: Digital video file

Collaboration between video artist Michel Pennec and Polish composer and sound performer Zbigniew Karkowky. Journey through desolate landscapes and derelict industries.

Yuri A.-R. Mond

Definitions of Art

Switzerland | 2004
5a�� | 16 mm | Color | Sound (voiceover in English)
Screening: Digital video file

Five characters emerge from snow globes to discourse on the definition of art: a Swiss without any relation to art is speechless; a bodybuilder shows his muscles and makes an attempt to explain art; and a blind artist finally bursts out laughing as she realizes that art only exists as a definition.
Five person’s a�?statement of arta�?: 1. Swiss, 2. Bodybuilder, 3. Art Collector, 4. Curator, 5. Blind Artist.

Sara Tocchetti


Switzerland | 2010
4a�� | 35 mm | Color | Sound | Without dialogue
Screening: Digital video file

A pair of trailers carved by cutter, image after image, the obsession of re-determining the visual possibility of mainstream pornography, the body of a a�?mana�? with the head of a a�?Wo-mana�? sucking the ass of a piece of a�?Womana�?, disordered chimeras!!!

Yuri A. / R. Mond


Switzerland | 2002
4a�� | 16 mm | Color | Sound (English voiceover)
Screening: Archivo Digital

Humans pollute. It is a fact! But beyond the gas emissions, the destruction of the ozone layer, or blackened tides, there is also all that is excreted from all the orifices of our bodies. The child who accompanies us in this scatologically descriptive film provides just the touch of humour necessary in establishing the contrast between the subject and the manner in which it is presented.

Christina Benz


Switzerland | 2008
3a�� | DigiBeta | Color | Sound | Without dialogue
Screening: Digital video file

A Swiss model train makes its rounds in the midst of a chocolate landscape. After a while, the landscape starts to melt. Houses, trees and mountains collapse. The train journey is accompanied by cheerful traditional accordion music.

Ricardo da Silva


Switzerland | 2008
5a�� 20a�? | B&W – Color | Sound | Without dialogue
Screening: Digital video file

The violence exerted against the fetishes of the Capitala��s necrotropy is the largest conscious act possible in the metropolis. It is by appropriating the vital productive process, our knowledge and MEMORY, that we gain control over the parts of the Real. WE reject the widespread hallucination of the production regimes of seduction. WE create the imaginary by the delirium of real life and in making it part of the complexity of the metropolitan insurrection process to destroy the fetish of representation.

Antoni Pinent

Lleida, Spain. 1975) is a film curator, programmer, producer and experimental filmmaker whose work has been screened at film festivals, cinemateques and museums worldwide such as San Francisco MoMA (2012).
His previous films were GIOCONDA / FILM (1999), among others; and the Film quartet trilogy including FILM QUARTET / POLYFRAME (2006-2008), KINOSTURM KUBELKA / 16 variaciones & G/R/E/A/S/E (2008-2013).
He received the II Biennale Award from Museum of Contemporary Cinema (MoCC, New York-Paris-Madrid) in 2008.