Gene Youngblood

Gene Youngblood (USA)

Guest lecturer

The Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero and Continente will present their own publication of the first spanish translation of the book Expanded Cinema, of Gene Youngblood, a foundational work about experimental video and film as artistic disciplines.
Gene Youngblood will come specially invited for the UNTREF to present this edition of his book, and also to talk about it with the audience.
The theoretician will also give a conference and teach a three-hour masterclass, as part of his activities on BIM.

Gene Youngblood is an internationally known theorist of media arts and politics, is sertraline time released. and a respected scholar in the history and theory of alternative cinemas. His Expanded Cinema (1970), the first book to consider video as an art form, was seminal in establishing media arts as a recognized artistic and scholarly discipline. The term a�?expanded cinemaa�? has become generic, and the book is considered a classic.
Youngblood is also widely known as a pioneering voice in the media democracy movement in the U.S., and has been teaching, writing, curating and lecturing on media democracy and alternative cinemas since 1970. A documentary about his work, titled Secession From the Broadcast: Gene Youngblood and the Communication Revolution, is currently in production.
Youngblood has lectured at more than four hundred colleges and universities throughout North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia, and his writing is published extensively around the world. He has received research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Andy Warhol Foundation, the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts, The New Mexico Arts Division, and the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities.
Youngblood was a founding member in 1970 of the Faculty of Film and Video at the California Institute of the Arts (Calarts), where he taught for nineteen years. He has also taught at the California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in the film departments at UCLA and USC. In 1988 he joined the founding faculty of the Department of Moving Image Arts at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, where he taught for nineteen years until retiring in 2007.

Abigail Child

Abigail Child (USA)

Invited artist

American artist Abigail Child will present for the first time in Argentina a retrospective program about her short video works, and also the full-length work A Shape of error (2012). She will also teach a two-day workshop on the Espacio FundaciA?n TelefA?nica, about creation from found footage on film and video..

Poet, essayist, filmmaker, sees her creations as a curious and particular intersection, often humorous, sometimes alchemical, between sound and image. Sound as noise, but also silence. Words that are interrupted, looped back on themselves. The phone that is (un)made, detourned in images, in constant motion, telling not only the history of cinema, but also other stories. Bodies, fetishes, symbols, icons, relics cinephiles (re) invented andA� (re-) fitted to new realities and new desires. The assembly as a movement not only metaphorically (the ghostly re-emergence of Griffith on one side and the other Eisenstein), but also perfectly capable of using structure, the images and poetic rhythm,A�as a magnifying glass to uncover the lies and injustices of history. Abigail Child is all this and more.
Child started her activity as a filmmaker in 1970s, producing seven independent documentaries, shot on 16mm. From the second half of the seventies she began to spin and produce Is This What You Were Born For?, aA�large experimental work, which includes several films of varying duration: Prefaces plavix buy online. (1981), Mutiny (1983), Both (1988), Perils (1986 ), Covert Action (1984), Mayhem (1987) and Mercy (1989). In the nineties Child examines public spaces with films B / side (1996) and Below the New: A Russian Chronicle (1999), the latter filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia. The year zero remains prolific for Abigail: Surface Noise (2000), Dark Dark (2001), Where The Girls Are (2002), Cake and Steak (2004), The Future Is Behind You (2004), To and No Fro (2005), Mirror World (2006). Her documentary On The Downlaw (2007), a personal perspective on the underground scene, was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and shown on Viacom. Her works vary in length: 5 to 70 minutes. Child has created installations for major international galleries. Her films and her videos have received several awards around the world. This tribute to the director provides a series of films placed in three thematic groups.

Lucas Bambozzi

Lucas Bambozzi (Brasil)

Invited artist

Brazilian artist Lucas Bambozzi will present his work and also give a talk about the contemporary video scene in Brazil.

Lucas Bambozzi is a multimedia artist based in SA?o Paulo, Brazil. His works are constituted by pieces dealing with media in a wide variety of formats, such as installations, single channel videos, short films and interactive projects. His works have been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in more than 40 countries, often collecting relevant awards and prizes. Was a visiting artist at the CAiiA-STAR Centre a�� currently operating as Planetary Collegium, where he has developed an extensive research about on-line privacy and pervasive systems, as part of his MPHIL studies, concluded in 2006 at the University of Plymouth, UK.
Some curatorial projects include SonarSound (2004); Digitofagia (2004); Life Goes Mobile (Nokiatrends 2005 and 2006), Motomix Art & Music Festival (2006), O Lugar Dissonante (2009) among other shows. He is one of the initiators and curators of the HYPERLINK “”, International Mobile Media Art Festival (2006-2011).
Took part in the collectives FAQ/feitoamA?os and Cobaia, dealing with live video performances and media intervention projects in public spaces. Recent exhibitions: Interconnect at ZKM, Karlsruhe/Germany (2006), PensA� Sauvage at Frankfurter Kunstverein in Germany (2007) cheap cialis cipa. Emergentes at Laboral, (2007/2008) Gijon/Spain and FundaciA?n Telefonica (2008), Buenos Aires/Argentina, RE:akt!, reconstruction, re-enactment, re-reporting, exhibited both at A�KUC gallery, Ljubljana/Slovenia and at Museum of Contemporary Art Rijeka/ Croatia (2009) and Restraint at Oboros Montreal/Canada. In 2010 took part in exhibitions at ISEA in Dortmund, Germany and at Ars EletrA?nica, in Linz, A?ustria. In 2011 has a retrospective of his works at the Laboratorio Arte Alameda, in Mexico DF.

Ximena Cuevas

Ximena Cuevas (MA�xico)

Invited artist

Mexican artist Ximena Cuevas will present a retrospective program about her works. We will count with her presence.

Pioneer of Video Art in Mexico. Her work looks at the layers of lies that cover the everyday, by exploring the fictions of national identity and gender . Her work has been shown in such places as the New York Film Festival, Sundance, Berlin, Montreal, Guggenheim, Reyna SofA�a, Getty. CuevasA? videos are part of the permanent collection of the MoMa in New York and George Pompidou in ParA�s.

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Diego Lama

Diego Lama (Peru)

Invited artist

Diego Lama, peruvian video and photo artist, will present a monographic program of his video works. We will count with his presence.

Diego Lama was born in 1980 in Lima, PerA? were he currently lives and woks. After studying a Visual Arts B.A. at Corriente Alterna School of Art from 1998 to 2003, Lama graduated with honors receiving a diploma and gold medal for artistic excellence. Through his work in video, photography, and sculpture, Lama addresses, explores and questions the confrontation between sex and death using as a platform different gender issues. Since his first solo show in 2005, he has exhibited extensively, including the My NameA?s Lolita Art Gallery, Madrid; GalerA�a LucA�a de la Puente, Lima; Centro Cultural de EspaA�a AECID, Lima; GalerA�a VA�rtice, Lima; GalerA�a ICPNA, Lima and GalerA�a 80m2, Lima. In 2009, his work was the subject of a retrospective at the Taylor Museum in Colorado, USA. His work also has been published, aired and exhibited in several countries and international biennials as well, such as the Habana Biennale, Cuba; the Ventosul Biennial; Brasil and the Prague Contemporary Art Triennial, Czech Republic.
Lama was the recipient of several prizes, fellowships and distictions, between them the HIVOS program in Netherlands, the FundaciA?n Carolina fellowship in Spain, the Visiting Arts program in England, the Videofest Great Prize in USA, the Petrobras Prize in Argentina, Dossier Videobrasil and Descubrimientos PHE in Spain. In PerA?, the first prize in the 2004 Bienal de Cine y Video and the medal of honor for his achievements in the field of hydrocodone no prescription from canada. videoart in Peru, granted by the Ricardo Palma University. His work is included in several international public collections such as the Taylor Museum, in USA; the Videobrasil archive, in Brasil; the Caixa Forum and the IVAM museum in Spain, and the Cervantes Institute in Munich, besides the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and the ICPNA in Peru.

Antoni Pinent

Antoni Pinent (EspaA�a)

Invited artist

Experimental filmmaker and curator, Antoni Pinent will present a commented program about his works, and will teach a workshop on the Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires, about cinema without camera.

Antoni Pinent was born in Lleida, Spain, in 1975. He is a freelance Contemporary Art Curator, Film Curator, Programmer, Experimental Filmmaker. He is co- director of Xperimenta; Contemporary Glances at Experimental (Biennial, 2007, 2009 and 2011. Produced by CCCB). With AndrA�s Hispano, he has curated the exhibition a�?THATa��S NOT ENTERTAINMENT! Cinema Begets Cinemaa�? (2006-2007. CCCB). He is also curator of DEL A�XTASIS AL ARREBATO (FROM ECSTASY TO RAPTURE) 50 Years of the other Spanish Cinema. International touring cinema program (6 sessions), DVD-catalogue DEL A�XTASIS AL ARREBATO. A Journey Through Spanish Experimental Cinema edited by CAMEO. Produced by SEACEX a�� Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), 2009 a�� 2012 and co-curator of CINE A CONTRACORRIENTE: LATINOAMA�RICA Y ESPAA�A. International touring cinema program (6 sessions), dvd-catalogue CINE A CONTRACORRIENTE A Journey Through the Other Latin American edited by CAMEO. Produced by: SEACEX a�� CCCB, 2010 -2014.
Antoni PINENT was awarded with II Biennial Museum of Contemporary Cinema Foundation (MoCC Foundation, New York / Paris / Madrid. November 2008)
His films have been exhibited in several countries including: France, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, United States, Ireland, Argentina, Germany, Romania, Thailand, South Corea, Mexico, Australia, Czech Republic or Spain.

His work is being distributed by the international companies, available in 35mm and video:
A� Canyon Cinema (San Francisco)
A� Light Cone (ParA�s) /
A� Hamaca (Barcelona)

Valerie Mrejen

ValA�rie MrA�jen (France)

Invited artist

A retrospective program about her video works will be presented, including her last two works, never shown on Buenos Aires.

Artist, photographer, writer, ValA�rie MrA�jen was born in 1969 in Paris, where she lives. She has studied in the fine arts school. She has made several videos, shorts and mysearchdial. documentaries (La DA�faite du rouge-gorge, 2001, Chamonix 2002, French Courvoisier 2009, Pork and Milk, 2004, Valvert 2008) and published four novels (Mon Grand-pA?re, 1999, La��Agrume, 2001, Eau sauvage, 2003 ed. Allia, ForA?t noire, ed. P.O.L.). Her first fiction feature, En ville, co-directed with Bertrand Schefer, was screened at the Directors fortnight in Cannes 2011. They made two shorts in Tokyo lately. Valerie is currently presenting a new film and installation at Centre Pompidou, in Paris, on the childrena��s gallery.

Mario Opazo

Mario Opazo (Colombia)

Invited artist

Mario Opazo, artist and teacher based on Colombia, will present a program of his video works. We will count with his presence.

Chilean-born video artist, lives and works in BogotA?, he is professor at the National University of Colombia. Currently his work is directed towards the possible relationship between the performative and audiovisual. His interdisciplinary spirit has led him to propose aesthetic products “des generated” and fluctuating between the content and the middle between the traditional and experimental narratives which place settings instead of more creative behavior in traditional disciplinary skills and abilities, possible subversion going to the limits and characteristics of visual languages. Performs actions of resistance and political micro gestures that reveal their position and point of view critical of the contemporary world.
A� A� He has participated in events such as: the 52nd International Art Biennale in Venice, The Havana Biennial and Mercosur Biennial. Award Winner of Latin American Art in the MOLAA, Los Angeles USA He has participated several years in the Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin / Madrid at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris Beaux-Arts and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. A exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in and outside the country, was highlighted by the debut of his documentary dedicated to the state of the Sahrawi people entitled “bitter as life” in space MATADERO INTERMEDIAE MADRID CULTURAL CENTER. He has been nominated for awards and scholarships created, among them are: the nomination by Paulo Bruscky Guggenheim Fellowship in 2000 and Luis Caballero Award nomination in 2008. It highlights his solo exhibition “Fugitive Territory” which opened in March 2008 in the Mistral in Santiago de Chile. Among other major awards, received the First Prize at the 36th National Exhibition of Artists in Colombia, the prize Luis Caballero in 2010, First Prize in the lounge of Young Art, First Prize in the First Hall of two-dimensional art, the First Prize in the Hall Kent Explore the British American Tobacco and numerous citations and awards for his work.

Brian Konefsky

Bryan Konefsky (USA)

Invited artist

American artist Bryan Konefsky will present a monographic program of his works. We will count with his presence.

Bryan Konefsky is a self-taught media artist and cultural worker. He is the director of Experiments in Cinema and the president of Basement Films.
Additionally, he is a professor in the Department of Cinematic Arts at the University of New Mexico.
KonefskyE?s creative work has been supported by the McCune Charitable Foundation, the NEA and NEH, The Trust For Mutual Understanding and the Banff Centre for the Arts.
Konefsky has screened his films internationally at venues such as Videoex (Switzerland), The Paris Underground Film Festival (France), The Oslo Film Institute (Norway), The Smolny Institute (St Petersburg, Russia), Dungguk University (South Korea), The Museum of Modern Art in Buenes Aires, and the European Media Arts Festival (Germany).

Jorge Honik

Jorge Honik (Argentina)

Invited artist

A program of works by Jorge Honik, emblematic argentine experimental filmmaker of the 60s and 70s, will be shown in their original format. We will count with his presence.

Jorge S. Honik was born in Buenos Aires in 1940 and from an early age began writing both narratives and dramas. After completing his university studies in Pharmacy, he travelled widely through Europe, Africa, Asia and America, alternating periods of settlement with others of movement, a journey that took him ten years and the memory of which, changed and distorted by the personal myths and obsessions which breathe in all fiction, gives shape to the living matter of most of his literary pieces as well as his films.
Along these years, the super 8 camera, at the beginning a mere instrument for recording images, turned up to be, in view of the creative possibilities which offered, the visual parallel of a ballpoint pen, not now for description through the medium of words but profiting from the power, the vibration and the dazzling movement of images, or more exactly, taking advantage of its primeval source: the light.
Finally he settled down in the region of the Patagonian Andes, in San Carlos de Bariloche first and finally in El Bolson, where he has lived for the past three decades. He has been regularly teaching arts and science, activities which he complements with cinema, literature, theatre and music. Besides a number of literary prizes and a few publications, among them an anthology of short stories, he has coordinated video workshops in schools, one of the productions having received the first prize in the Primera Bienal de Arte Joven (San Carlos de Bariloche, 1993).

Nestor Olhagaray Llanos

NA�stor Olhagaray Llanos (Chile)

Guest curator

he Chilean artist and curator will present an historic program of videoart on Chile.

Visual artist, living and working in Santiago of Chile
Studies of Fine Arts- University of Chile; Cinematographic Institute of the Soviet Union; Communication- UniversitA� de Paris III
Ex Director and curator of Video and Media Arts Bienal of Santiago, 1993-2012
Ex Director and teacher at the MagA�ster of Media Art – U. de Chile , 2008-2012
Presently he works at the University ofde Chile, giving the course: a�?The movie as arta�?.

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Luciano Zubillaga

Luciano Zubillaga (Argentina/ UK)

Guest curator

The argentine artist resident on London, Luciano Zubillaga, will present his last work, The arousing of thought, and also present a a�?carte blanchea�? program, where he will show a selection of works from other artists.

Luciano Zubillaga received the London Artist Film and Video Awards (LAFVA) in 2008 by Film London and Arts Council England. He recently exhibited work at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, BAFICI, Habana Film Festival, The Armory Show, BFI Southbank and Whitechapel Art Gallery. He is Module Leader of Experimental FIlm and Video atA�Ealing School of Art, Design and Media, University of West London.

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Guillermina Buzio

Guillermina Buzio (Argentina / Canada)

Guest curator

The argentine artist based on Toronto Guillermina Buzio will present a program with Works of the Canadian filmmaker Joyce Wieland, in its original format.

Guillermina Buzio is a Toronto based artist and an independent curator. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.
Her practice includes a diverse range of media, including video installation, performance, and painting that focus upon human rights and identity.
She holds a BFA from the National University of Fine Arts P. PueyrredA?n (Argentina), a Bachelor of Media Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, and an MFA from the Ontario College of Art & Design.

Joyce Wieland (Canada)

Filmmaker and visual artist Joyce Wieland (1931-1998) was the first living woman artist to be honoured with a retrospective at the Art Gallery of Ontatio (Joyce Wieland Retrospetive, 1987). She was also accorded the first solo exhibition by a living woman artist at the National Gallery of Canada (True Patriot Love, 1971). Wielanda��s internationally acclaimed contributions challenged conventional barriers of the day, embodying an extraordinary range of canadian online pharmacy uk. genres including filmmaking, oil painting, pop art, prints, drawings, watercolours, quilts and mixed-media installations. Her radical avant-garde films express her passionate ideas about cultural identity, feminism, ecology and sexuality with bold
technical daring, subversive wit and her signature penetrating insights. Joyce Wielanda��s films are distributed by Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC)

Gordon Shrigley

Gordon Shrigley (England)

Guest curator

Gordon Shrigley, english artist and curator, founder of Filmmarmalade (publisher and distributer of artist films) will present a selection of contemporary video from England: Filmarmalade PresentsA�Assemblers,A�Cutters, Poseurs, A Boulder,A�Object petit a, LehrstA?cke, Anomie andA�The Great Game.

Gordon Shrigley was born in Swindon, United Kingdom in 1964. He studied at Bournville College of Art, the University of Westminster and the Slade School of Art. He has exhibited in the UK and abroad including the IMT Gallery, the Centre for Recent Drawing, London, the Gooden Gallery, London, the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, the MusA�e dE?art Moderne, Saint-Etienne and the Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart. He has published a number of artists books and art texts with the publishers Edition Solitude, Stuttgart, Monaco Magazine, London and Cardboard Folly, Liverpool and is currently designing a new contemporary art gallery for Vyner Street, East London. He was selected for an artista��s residency at the Akademie Schloss buy cafergot. Solitude, Stuttgart in 1998 and at Hospitalfield A�House, Arbroath in 2000 and is the founder and curator of the artists book, film and video publishers Marmalalade and Filmarmalade.

Claudia Aravena

Claudia Aravena Abughosh (Chile)

Invited artist

The chilean artist will present a commented program of her video works.

Visual artist. Audiovisual Communicator. She is currently finishing her Mastera��s Degree in Cultural Studies at Universidad Arcis, Santiago de Chile. Besides her continuing visual arts production, she teaches at the Schools of Arts and Visual Culture, and Film (Universidad Arcis) and at the Visual Arts School (Universidad Diego Portales and Uniacc).
Awards and grants: Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, Alemania 2008. Artist Residency Grant, The Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France 2006. Chilean National Endowment for the Arts (Fondart) Grants, years 2009, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2000. Golden Cube First Prize, at the Monitoring Show, 20th Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest, Germany 2003. KA?nstlerinnen-FA�rderung Grant, Berlin Legislature, Germany, years 2003 and 2000. Festival Award at the Oberhausen International Short Film, Germany 2002. Best Experimental Short Film Award, Short Film Festival, canadian accutne drugs. Santiago, Chile 2001. Prize of the European Council, 2000. First Prize, Locarno VideoArt Festival, Switzerland 1998.
Collections: NBK, Berlin, Germany. VideoDataBank, America without Borders, Chicago, USA. Visual Arts Collection, Gabriela Mistral Gallery, Chilean National Endowment for the Arts. La Caixa Visual Arts Collection, Barcelona, Spain. OVNI, Observatori de Video Non Identificat, Barcelona, Spain.

Lauren Howes

Lauren Howes (CanadA?)

Guest curator

Lauren Howes, executive director of CFMDC (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre) will present a program about experimental video and film from Canada. We will count with her presence.

Lauren Howes has been working as the Executive Director of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre since 2006. Previous to her move to Toronto, she worked as the Distribution Manager of Video Out Distribution part of VIVO Media arts in Vancouver. Through her work in distribution she attends numerous film festivals and media art markets worldwide promoting Canadian media art. She has presented curated programs in Dublin, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg, Paris, London, Berlin and Seoul. She graduated in 1996 with a BFA in Film Production from Simon Fraser University. Howes is currently the Chairperson on the Board of tadalafil canadian pharma. the Media Arts Network of Ontario (MANO) and served on the Board (2008-2010) of the Independent Media Arts Alliance.

CANADIAN FILMMAKERS DISTRIBUTION CENTRE Founded in 1967, CFMDC is Canada’s foremost non-commercial distributor and resource for independently produced film. Through a unique and successful national and international distribution service, CFMDC makes its film collection available for preview, rental and sale for the purposes of exhibition, screening, broadcast, research, and for institutional and private acquisition. Based in Toronto Canada, our distribution activities are complemented by an in-house Resource Centre, screening room, public events and an on-line catalogue of more than 3300 films by over 850 members.

Nekane Aramburu

Nekane Aramburu (EspaA�a)

Guest lecturer

The Spanish historian Nekane Aramburu will teach the seminar TOMA DE CORRIENTE, a theoretic walkthrough about the electronic arts of Spain and its bonds between the latin american context.

Art historian and museologist. A�Nekane Aramburu has been working as a manager and curator using tentacular projects between non-conventional spaces and museums to focus on culture as a laboratory for exploring and gaining a better understanding of the social context of the world in which we live. Both the way in which she broaches management as well as her projects focus on creative, transmedia practices and glocal territorial ecosystems. As a researcher is specialized in the analysis of the management and construction of cultural policies and visual production. She has organized and led contemporary culture projects with and in several organizations. The most recent of these include: Cendeac (Territorios mutantes. Murcia, 2005); AECIDA�(Un lugar bajo el sol. CCEBA/Buenos Aires 2006, FrA?gil. CCE/Montevideo 2009,A� B Sides of the history of video art in Spain. Bangkok/ Seul/Sydney 2011); Instituto Cervantes (Palabras Corrientes.New York/Beijing 2006,A� Todo cuantoA�amA� formaba parte de tA�. Damascus/DublA�n/Brussels/Madrid, 2007-2010), TelefA?nica Foundation (Francisco Ruiz de Infante. BlueSky. Buenos Aires, 2009), Sala Amarica (Absolute Beginners. Vitoria-Gasteiz 2009),A� Koldo MitxelenaA�A� (NovelesA� Editions XLIII and XLIV. San Sebastian 2009 and 2011 ), Kutxa FoundationA�(Sala KuboA�Ultramar and Museum Collection of the Foundation. San SebastianA�2011), La Chaufferie/ESADS (Juan Aizpitarte. Cosmic Ray. Strasbourg, 2012), Aquarium. Donosti/ MusA�e Basque. Bayonne ( Aguas Turbulentas-Eaux AgitA�es, 2012-2014)A� amongst others. BesidesA�his work as aA�trainer forA�newA�curatorialA�and management,A�extensive work has deepenedA�as a HistoryA�of video art inA�Spain (CarlosA�TmoriA�/ FoundationA�Art and Law) and CollectiveA�Archive: HistoryA�and status ofA�independent spaces and associations of artists in SpainA�(1980-2010).
A consultant to diverse institutions and organizations and jury in internacional events, she has given several courses and lectures in different countries and has created a lot of editorial projects and essays.

Gabriela Salgado

Gabriela Salgado (Argentina)

Guest curator

Gabriela Salgado, argentine curator based on London, will present the instalation A View from the Other Side, of the IC-98 collective, formed by Patrik Soderlund and Visa Suompa. Also, she will present the international monocanal video program “Connecting Shores / Uniendo Orillas”. We will count with their presence.

Argentine-born curator of exhibitions and public programmes based in London, UK, EU national.

MA in Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art, London. Specialised in Latin American and international contemporary art, with knowledge of a solid network of organisations, artists and museums worldwide. Highly organised, with senior level experience in creating and managing complex exhibitions and programmes. Extensive global lecturing experience and a respected contributor to art publications.



IC-98A�(founded in 1998) are Patrik SA�derlund and Visa SuonpA�A�. They live and work in Turku, Finland. IC-98 is interested in events which did not take place, fantastic connections between things, heresies and pure systems of thought, the presence of history in everyday life; the body politic, social formations and architectural constructions, control mechanisms and techniques of escaping them.

Ruti Sela

Ruti Sela (Israel)

Invited artist

Ruti Sela, israeli artist, will present a selection of her video Works. We will count with her presence.

Born in 1974 is an artist based in Tel Aviv. She studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and at the Film Department of the Tel Aviv University, and teaches at Haifa University and The Avni Institute of Art and Design and at the Midrasha Art School. Throughout 2011, she has been a guest resident at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. She has received a number of prizes and scholarships, among them the Anselm Kiefer prize.a�?a�?Her work has been shown internationally at various exhibitions and venues, including the Biennale of Sydney (2006); the Istanbul Biennial (2009); Berlin Biennial (2010); Manifesta 8 (2010), ZKM Museum (2011), Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Art in General, New York; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Tate Modern, London; and Jeu de Paume, Paris. In 2009, she co-organized a�?The Exterritory Projecta�? with Maayan Amir, which won the 2011 Young Artist Award from UNESCO.

Javier Plano

Javier Plano (Argentina)

Artista invitado

Se presentarA? su video Cosa de Mujeres en formato videoinstalaciA?n, en el Centro Cultural General San MartA�n.

Javier Plano naciA? en Buenos Aires (Argentina), en 1979. En 2006 ingresa a la carrera de Licenciatura en Artes ElectrA?nicas de la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Ha realizado talleres de creaciA?n audiovisual con HernA?n KhouriA?n y Gustavo Galuppo, entre otros. En 2007 comienza a producir trabajos en video con los que participa en diversos festivales y muestras organizadas por instituciones del A?mbito local y el exterior. Forma parte de Continente desde 2008. Durante 2010 participA? de la muestra de video temA?tica Siete miradas sobre el Bicentenario junto a renombrados artistas del videoarte argentino, la cual formA? parte de los festejos oficiales del Bicentenario de la RevoluciA?n de Mayo. En 2011 recibe una MenciA?n de Honor en la categorA�a de obra realizada del Premio MAMbA/FundaciA?n TelefA?nica a las Artes y Nuevas TecnologA�as 2010-2011, por su video 5 acciones (sobre la memoria colectiva). En 2012 recibe una MenciA?n del Jurado del 101A� SalA?n Nacional de Artes Visuales, en la categorA�a Nuevos Soportes e Instalaciones, por su video Quien admira. En 2012 participa como asistente de direcciA?n en la Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento (BIM).


Milena Pafundi & Laura Esteras (Argentina)

Artistas invitadas

Las artistas Laura Esteras y Milena Pafundi realizarA?n una IntervenciA?n audiovisual inA�dita en los videowalls del Centro Cultural General San MartA�n, realizada exclusivamente para la Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento

Originaria de Buenos Aires, Argentina, a los 29 aA�os la trayectoria de Milena en el campo de las artes visuales data de 2002. Mientras estudiaba cine en la FUC (Universidad del cine), realizA? cursos y seminarios sobre video-arte y se integrA? al proyecto audiovisual TekhnA� junto a Pablo Denegri, Enrique Casal y Mekas, A?mbito en el cual comenzA? a desarrollar propuestas estA�ticas para ser ejecutadas en vivo y la realizaciA?n de obras audiovisuales de carA?cter experimental.
A partir del 2004 comenzA? a cruzarse desde el vA�deo con la danza, generando obras de carA?cter hibrido, y muchas veces planteando la puesta en escena en vivo y no solo contenido y registro de las obras. Entre ellas se encontrA? trabajando con Miguel Robles, Fabiana Capriotti, Juan Onofri, entre otros. Hoy en dA�a participa activamente del Ciclo Sinestesia, propuesta que entre cruza MA?sica, vA�deo y danza en vivo.
Como video-artista ha realizado 3 obras, dos de ella expuesta en varios festivales y muestras alrededor del mundo como Israel, chile, Colombia, EspaA�a, etc. A sus 23 aA�os su video Un tiempo fue ganador del festival ALUCINE 2007 en Toronto, CanadA?.
Se ha presentado en vivo en festivales como Punto y Raya, Panoramica, Espacio FundaciA?n Telefonica, Mutek, Creamfields, Cocoliche, Onedotzero, Crobar, Fuga Jurasica, etc.

Desde 1998, Laura trabaja en el entrecruzamiento entre la danza y el mundo audiovisual.
Estudio PsicologA�a en la UBA, danza con Ana Deutsch y Paula Arguelles, fotografA�a con Aldo Bressi y cine en la Universidad del Cine (FUC) y el SICA.
Fue Coordinadora de ProgramaciA?n del Centro Cultural San MartA�n, donde estuvo a cargo de la programaciA?n y la producciA?n de diversos ciclos de danza contemporA?nea.
Laura es docente de la Universidad de Quilmes en a�?TA�cnicas de ImA?gen SintA�ticaa�? de la carrera Artes y TecnologA�a. AllA� tuvo a su cargo el desarrollo del programa de la materia, enfocado en la teorA�a del movimiento y su cruce con las artes audiovisuales.
Actualmente, se encuentra realizando coreografA�as con luces, formas y colores dentro de plataformas virtuales y reales, e investigando en el campo de la animaciA?n interactiva y a tiempo real. Entre sus trabajos mA?s destacados corresponde mencionar “Dos PA?jaros” (2008) y “Dance with the Hurracane” (2010), y sus intervenciones junto a Milena Pafundi en los Seminarios de video-danza y mA?sica experimental que Jorge Grela desarrolla en distintos lugares de la Argentina. En estos campos, se destacan tambiA�n sus trabajos como VJ en Creamfields, Mainstage, Cocoliche, Heineken Music.
Entre otros proyectos en curso, Laura se encuentra trabajando en la preproducciA?n de su primera pelA�cula, a�?PaA�ses Bajosa�?, y en la postproducciA?n del proyecto a�?PerceptografA�a, sobre danza urbanaa�?, con Gabriel Livov y Paola Robledo.

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Hoy en dA�a Milena y Laura se encuentran en una etapa de producciA?n de obras de vA�deo personales, buscando potenciar el valor de sus presentaciones en vivo a partir del diseA�o de interfaces reactivas especialmente diseA�adas para sus propios proyectos. Colabora en la parte tA�cnica y de programaciA?n, en esta etapa de investigaciA?n, Eduardo Santile.
TambiA�n se encuentran trabajando en la producciA?n de puestas visuales para eventos, obras de danza y cine. Junto a Jorge Grela desarrollan seminarios intolerantes por Argentina sobre video-mA?sica y danza.